Mar 22, 2024
The Detail podcast: Changing the charges on electricity

Power prices are rising, and not just because of inflation. But it’s hard to work out how to save money, if you can’t understand your bill. ... The Detail speaks to Josh Ellison, the research and development lead for Rewiring Aotearoa – a non-profit charity working to help New Zealand transition to a low-cost electrified economy. The group has recently released a report into how New Zealand homes can become more electric – and this doesn’t have to mean higher electricity prices. The key, Ellison says, is to use a mix of power from the grid with solar and and home battery (storing cheaper energy such as solar for use when that energy’s not available or more expensive). This option is becoming more attractive as prices for panels and batteries come down, but the group would like to see easier access to finance to install solar.

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