May 23, 2024
NZ Herald
Rewiring Aotearoa included in Sir Ian Taylor's 'coalition of the willing' letter to Shane Jones

What if you could arrange a half-day in the debating chamber when I could bring a group we’re calling the “Coalition of the Willing” to share constructive, economic solutions around the opportunities climate change and sustainability offer to Aotearoa New Zealand? Opportunities that could significantly lift our GDP, reduce billion-dollar infrastructure costs, create high-value jobs and maximise returns from our forestry and geothermal assets. 1. ReWiring Aotearoa (Mike Casey and team): Current strategy involves spending billions on infrastructure to move electricity from fast-tracked wind and solar farms, potentially doubling household costs. Casey’s fossil-fuel free, fully electric orchard in Central Otago shows how rooftop solar panels and batteries can deliver power directly to homes and businesses at a fraction of the cost, building energy resilience. The importance of this was highlighted this month. As we faced those potential power cuts, Casey’s farm actually delivered excess electricity back to the grid. While the farm uses 900 per cent more electricity than before it was electrified, most of that is self-generated or stored off the grid during off-peak times. Electricity is sold back during peak times. The annual saving on diesel is $40,000 a year. Imagine every farm in the country working like that.

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